Washing and Care

You got your hands on a GOGO, now lets talk about taking care of your sweater. 

Please don't machine wash your sweater. As much as we love the convenience of our washing machine and how far they have come, we ask that if needed please wash by hand. We suggest cold water and a bit of liquid detergent in a bath/sink, treat wool like you treat your hair, use your hands to gently massage and wash your GOGO. DO NOT LEAVE TO SOAK FOR HOURS AS THE COLOUR CAN TRANSFER. Immediately take out of the water and squeeze but do not ring. Lay flat on a dry towel and roll your sweater in the towel to remove excess water. We suggest the cinnamon bun method (think of a cinnamon bun log before it's cut into individual buns). Once you have removed as much moisture out as possible, unroll and move to a new, dry towel and lay flat to dry. If spot treatment is needed please use a recommended spot remover for wool or cashmere. You shouldn't have the need to dry clean/wash your sweater often and before you say gross, wool has something called lanolin oil present which is actually naturally anti-microbial. When you are not wearing your GOGO Sweater which we know is hard not to, store your sweater folded or laying flat, do not hang as we don't want your favourite sweater to stretch out.